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Keukenhof, known as “Europe’s garden”, in the Dutch town of Lisse, is the world’s biggest bulb flower garden. It was founded in 1949 and is both a touristic attraction as well as a high valued naturalistic endeavour, spread on 32 acres where 87 different species of trees grow and 7 million bulb flowers bloom.
A stroll through the Keukenhof is the inspiration behind Bioneuma Spring Summer 2020 collection, an inspirations that stems from the need to talk about Nature and the safeguard of our planet, taking life in the very places that celebrate its beauty.
Nature is a source of unending inspiration; colors, shapes, smells, they all nurture our spirit.

Like flowers, Bioneuma garments alternate layers and rouches; bright, light tones with deep and full colors; void and solid spaces. The soft geometry of the flower corollas can be detected in the volumes of each garment, defined by natural fibers intersecting and evolving in deconstructed and sophisticated silhouettes. A spontaneous geometry that can be found all throughout the collection, without however letting go of the asymmetries in the drapings.
The image conveyed is that of a romantic and diaphanous woman, who is however never frail; a woman that cares for details, and at the same time does not renounce practicality and every day elegance.
This profound research is the leitmotif that runs through our roots and takes shape in an abundant blooming, a collection delicate and at the same time tough, testimony of a past that is always contemporary.
“Let’s save our planet, and let’s take care of ourselves”

FW 19-20

Stones and minerals, with their dry elegance, are the inspiration behind the winter collection, that speaks of Icelandic inland and its glaciers.
Architecture and softness are aimed to make the winter less rigid, but at the same time at keeping its fascinating atmosphere, made of silences and clear air; a collection thought for a woman who is willing and capable of tackling everyday life with humor and leisure.


Bioneuma is an idea which has evolved from the fusion of two shared passions:
a belief in the organic movement as both an eco-friendly lifestyle choice and a philosophy for living,
coupled with a love of manufacturing clothing which has been enriched by years of experience in the fashion industry.

Neuma is derived from Greek and means a sign, an outline or an element of early musical notation.
The Bioneuma project seeks to get back to basics, emphasising the purity of hand produced goods.
For this reason we decided to adopt this term, in which the word “neuma” recalls the elegance and simplicity of the little graphic symbols,
transformed by the voices of medieval singers into celestial music.

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